Dr. Jones is invited as a speaker to the “9th Southeastern Immunology Symposium”, hosted by Duke University School of Medicine.
Congratulations Udaya on passing the Preliminary Exam and advancing to become a Ph.D. Candidate in Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health. Excellent job!
Dr. Jones is invited as a speaker to the “Third Annual Virginia NanoMedicine Symposium on Engineered Health” at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she will be presenting on “Microfluidic Arenas to Screen the Impact of Novel Nano-Immunotherapies on Host-Pathogen Interactions”.
Dr. Jones receives a $1.85 million MIRA R35 grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), to study the factors that underlie the decision-making processes that determine immune cell migration, differentiation, and activation in response to sepsis. Funding duration: 2019-2024.
Dr. Jones’s first author manuscript (from Irimia lab) on “Bifunctional Small Molecules Enhance Neutrophil Activities Against Aspergillus fumigatus in vivo and in vitro” is now accepted to Frontiers in Immunology!!!
Congratulations Nicholas on receiving the ‘Charles W. Schiffert and Dolores S. Schiffert Scholarship’ for aspiring medical physicians (2019-2020). Excellent work!
Surya and Nicholas have their abstracts accepted and will be presenting their posters on “The neutrophil decision-making dynamics in fighting infections” at the Mid-Atlantic Undergraduate Research Conference (MAURC), Virginia Tech.
Dr. Jones is awarded the Virginia Tech College of Science Dean’s Discovery Fund along with Prof. Liwu Li (Biological Sciences) (amount: $30,000), to study the decision-making processes of neutrophil migration and activation in sepsis.
Udaya stepped in for Dr. Jones (who is out on maternity leave) and gave an invited talk in the “Beyond the Mouse-Advanced Models of Host-microbe Interactions,” plenary session at the American Society for Microbiology (ASM Microbe) 2018 Meeting.
Dr. Jones will be giving a talk on “Integrated Multi-Sensing Platforms for Quantifying Cellular Phenotypes and Designing Cellular Microenvironments” as a part of the Computational tissue engineering-IGEP seminar series at Kelly Hall, Virginia Tech.
Congratulations Udaya on receiving the “David W. Francis and Lillian Francis Scholarship” from the Virginia Tech Graduate school, for research emphasizing longer, safer, and healthier lives (2018-19).
Udaya’s first author manuscript (from Mather lab) on “The spatiotemporal system dynamics of acquired resistance in an engineered microecology” is now accepted to Scientific reports!!!
Udaya’s abstract on “The spatiotemporal network dynamics of acquired resistance in an engineered microecology” is accepted for oral presentation at the 18th International Conference of Systems Biology (ICSB) 2018 meeting, Virginia Tech.
First-generation college student Amina Rahimi selected as 2017 Goldwater Scholar. Congratulations Amina!!!
Dr. Jones will be giving a talk on “Microfluidic chambers to screen neutrophil killing of Aspergillus fumigatus in the presence of novel bifunctional small molecules” at The Society For Leukocyte Biology’s 49th Annual Meeting and “Neutrophil 2016” held in Verona, Italy.